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  1. thanks for posting! Anthropologie has such cute stuff!!
  2. Thanks! I love Anthropologie

  3. I love Anthropologie, especially their handbags! BTW, you live in such a gorgeous area..I'm so envious! My DH and I vacationed in Yosemite this summer and also spent time at June Lake! We drove from there back to SFO for our return flight home, so he was able to show me the Lake Tahoe area. OMG...I couldn't stop taking pictures. And I thought Alaska was the most beautiful state I'd ever visited.
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  4. Everything on this "Sale" page has been on sale for a while. Anyone see anything new added? Maybe I'm missing something.
  5. Thanks!
  6. I haven't looked at their website in at least a month so I don't know. The newsletter was received only moments before I posted it. Hmmm...that's not nice!

  7. I'm obsessed with Anthro and check the site daily. I'm always looking for sales. I too was excited when I saw the email. Oh well maybe they'll have the 40% off sale again soon. Wishful thinking :smile:
  8. Do they ever offer any kind of codes?
  9. The store has some great deals as well if there's one near you!!
  10. They have very cute stuff for winter!
  11. Thank you!!!! I love it here too!:heart: I'm so glad you got to see Tahoe, it's kind of a "hidden gem." Lots of fun outdoors stuff to do all year round, but alas, no shopping. LOL!

    I live on the North Shore and my avatar pic is taken from my house.