anthropologie bags?

  1. today as i mourned the fact that it looked like i wouldnt be getting a mulberry seth unless i waited till august for the store in new york..and would rather wait until next year when im in london and can buy it there i went browsing through the anthropologie site and i liked what i saw! the cocktail rings, the bags- the messenger ones, the jewelry.. do you guys shop tehre?
  2. I shop there, it's a great store!
    I haven't checked out any handbags there though.
  3. what do you think of their messenger like bags?
  4. Luv luv anthropologie - pretty clothing and shoes, though they are going more mainstream it seems with some of the brands. I have only seen the Anna Corrina bags which looked pretty good.
  5. I ordered a bag from Anthropologie once but ended up returning it because the handles which LOOKED leather in the photos were some cheap material. They do have cute clothes and house items, though. Just see the bag in person before you buy so you know what you are getting. That said, I had no trouble with my return at all.
  6. do you know of any other anthropologie type stores? lol i think is high time i stop donning the sweats and polish myself up.
  7. Love love love anthropologie. I believe that free people and urban outfitters are part of the same company. Kind of like old navy, gap, and banana republic. Just bought the cutest black dress...they're having a sale right now so you should definitely check it out.
  8. I love Anthropologie-anything. They're the one store I feel has the best individual style. I'm not sure if the leather bags are always worth the $300-400 cos I think the quality can be better, but they do have good sales to pick these up for a lot less.
  9. We have a fabulous Anthropologie store in Seattle which I am at regularly....GREAT sales too. I have not really examined their bags as I tend to go there for clothes and have admired their bags but never ordered any. If anything, their designs are VERY unique and I have clothes over 6+ years old which still get compliments :smile:
  10. I've bought clothes at Anthropologie, but I think their handbags are WAY overpriced. In fact, they are selling a Orla Kiely bag I have liked for higher than it is sold on the website itself. Plus, the bags aren't made well, although some are very cute and different. They are nice there and will take anything back that doesn't work. Love some of the clothes and sales though too.
  11. i absolutely LOVE anthropologie! i also have bought quite a few of their bags for the individuality aspect, but i've returned quite a few as well. it's kind of like trial and error with the bags they offer.
  12. I really like the stuff at Anthropologie but just find it to be way over priced (clothing, bags). I would look during the sale season as they have very cute things
  13. I used to work for Anthropologie, and yes, they are part of the Urban Outfitters Group (which also includes Free People).

    I think that the handbags, in general, are definitely overpriced with relation to the quality. A lot of them look much cuter in the catalog or online, and are often very "plasticky" and poorly made in person. Occassionally, they will carry recognizable brands, like Lulu Guinness, but mostly Anthropologie-related brands. They don't have an "Anthropologie" brand, but others that are only sold there such as "odille" and "Sitwell".
  14. I love Anthropologie! I had an internship with a designer whose bags were carried by Anthropologie--Leslie Newton--and I love her! but the truth is, I gave one of her bags to a friend and the strap broke I think within the first few days. This was a diaper bag however and as far as I know, her leather handbags are great quality
  15. I love anthropologie clothes, I try to only shop their sales since their prices can be pretty high for the quality. Once I returned stuff via mail and they did not credit me for a couple items, but the customer service believed me a gave me back my money. Never tried their bags- there's a red and white stripe canvas bag I've been admiring