Anthrocite paddy or better color choice?

  1. If you had your choice of any available paddy color what would it be. Im thinking of exchanging my anthrocite for :suspiciou ????? IF you would post a pics. that would be cool;)
  2. Metallic or non-metallic? If yours is non, I would keep it! The color will be very flexible! Of course, the whiskey seems hugely popular right now, and the tan is always beautiful. I still love the jeans moyen light blue, too!
    Chloe Blue outside 3.jpg
  3. I love my whiskey! Not having luck with posting pictures, but NM has a whiskey and a tan online right now.
  4. Mine is non-metallic. Yours is really pretty:love:
  5. Oh ranskimmie, are u having 2nd thoughts about your paddy? I think the colour is really lovely. But was there another colour that you yourself are gravitating towards?
  6. I am loving the mousse - and would highly reccommend it - then you would have a paddy with silver hardware too.