Anthro Jacket Dilemma - Please help.

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  1. A few weeks ago (months, maybe?) I bought the Clinton Trench. It's not available online any more, so here's the review page in case anyone doesn't know it:
    I really and truly do love it, but I haven't worn it yet because of the weather. Ok, I've worn it around the house.

    Tonight I tried on the Frill Force jacket, and now I am torn. I ordered it because I was in-store and I wouldn't have to pay shipping, so I have a few days to think about it more before it arrives, but here's what I am driving myself crazy over.

    (This is the Frill Force:

    First, are they too similar to have both? Honestly I am worried that one would get more love than the other, but I am also concerned about price. I'm not exactly the Anthro target demographic here. But anyway, if I can somehow swing both, is it crazy?

    Next, here are the Pro's as I see them.
    The Clinton Trench is dressier (I am truly lacking dressy coats/jackets) but I don't get fancied up TOO often. CT has the better, prettier lining for sure. And the material is waterproof, which makes it perfect for rain. Lastly, I doubt it's going out of style any time soon, but that's not a huge concern for me anyway.

    The Frill Force Jacket is a little more trendy, BUT very comfy. Being more casual it would probably get more wear. It's also pretty warm. The CT isn't too shabby on warmth either but it's that sweaty warmth, if you know what I mean. FF has a hood, btw.

    Thoughts, please? If you had to pick one, which one & why? If you could have both, do you think they'd both get enough wearing?

  2. It seems that there is enough differences between the 2 coats (dressiness and warmth factor) that you would have different uses for them depending on your outfit and the exact temperature that day. It is not crazy at all if you keep long as one doesn't sit in the closest all winter.

    Do you wear coats a lot? I am a college student so I do A LOT of walking outside getting to different buildings in between classes, therefore I do invest a lot in scarves, boots, coats, etc.
  3. I've seen them and think they're both great jackets! They're very different in the ways that you noted and I would get a lot of use out of both if I had them. If you can afford the two jackets, keep them!

    If I had to pick one, I'd go with the Clinton trench. It is dressier (and you said you don't have much dressy stuff), but would also really pull together a casual look. It'd be fabulous with jeans and boots!

    The Frill Force is mainly a casual jacket, so it's a little less versatile, but if you really prefer a more relaxed look most of the time, then go with that one.
  4. I don't really love the Frill Force jacket, it's not all that attractive IMO. The Clinton Trench is definitely more versatile, it's formal but you can dress it down. But in the end, go with the one you think you'll get more wear out of :tup:
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    I have the Frill Force jacket and adore it:love:..I don't have the Clinton Trench..(but adore it too!)
    I think they are def. different enough to keep both if you can!:smile:
    I don't think either is too trendy(unless your counting the ruffles which are on both)...I think both can be worn for years to come. Clinton is def. dressier but can be dressed down..and the FF is a warmer jacket with lots of funky fun detail(IMO)..but not over the top at all.
  6. I love both jackets (so if you can justify having both financially then go for it!), but I am partial to the Clinton. And I would totally wear it casually--with jeans and boots on colder days, and ballet flats or sleek, dark sneakers on warmer days.
    I'm not opposed to owning multiple similar things, especially if the seasonal trends happen to fall very well into your own personal style. Next year ruffles might not be as big, so who knows what the jackets will look like then. The last thing you want to do is end up not getting one and regretting it, and not being able to track down that jacket/something similar. I was also thinking that if you don't end up wearing one much for some reason or another, you can always sell it next year (as Anthro clothes tend to do well on eBay or at consignment stores).
  7. The Frill Force has been on my wish list so I automatically say go with that. You can't go wrong with either though. If you can swing I'd keep both!
  8. IMO, they're very similar. . . The Clinton trench is more constructed, dressier.
    The Frill is a little more casual. . . both are fab!
  9. Thank you for all of your input, ladies! Of course the Frill Force will be delivered next week when I am on vacation! :rolleyes: I'll let ya know what I decide!
  10. I like both, but I think I would go with the clinton trench. It seems a little more timeless.
  11. I've decided to keep both! I tried them on at home with different outfits, and they really are quite different! Different enough to use both for sure, so I've done a little creative financial management and now they're both mine! :heart:

    BTW, if anyone wants the FF, please try it on in-store, several of the same size if you can. I ordered a 4 because the 2 I tried in-store was a bit snug across the back when I crossed my arms, and the 6 was huge.

    So the 4 came was huge. WTF? :confused1: I brought it to the store to get the 2, decided to try on another 4, and if fit perfectly! I swear I got a 6 marked as a 4, crazy as it sounds. Anyway, try it on if you can. :yes:
  12. Both are different. Glad you're keeping both. :smile: