Anthracity Pics...Come Lookey!

  1. Here are some pics of my new Anthracite city from BalNY. I have taken pics in a few indoor light settings and up against a cream and teal/blue background - notice how the color changes.

    There are also some up-close pics of the leather. The front side is very smooth, while the back side in more crinkly. I would love to know about leather variations from other anthracite owners.

    Front of bag with flash:
    Front of bag without flash:
    Back of bag without flash:
    Front of bag without flash with teal background
    Back of bag up-close shot without flash
    IMG_0710.jpg IMG_0712.jpg IMG_0713.jpg IMG_0715.jpg IMG_0717.jpg
  2. wow, the color sure changes alot! I love it though! Very nice variations. Congrats on your newest addition!~
  3. Congrats. It is beautiful.:yahoo:
  4. Our bags are the same on the front, I'd say! My bag is almost completely smooth on the back, however, without a ripple. It looks pretty dull compared to the front now that I'm used to it. But since it's on the back I don't care so much.

    But I think all these bags are the same in that there is a wide range of leathers and they decided to mix them up on the bags rather than make one bag one kind and another bag another kind.

    I'd like to hear what the other Anthra-owners have to say!
  5. Highgloss, would you post pics of your city's leather here (front and back) for easy comparison? Thanks!
  6. Here's the front. I don't have a picture of the back and my Mom's memory card is now full -- but it's the same color as the front, but with no distressing at all -- completely smooth, like a baby's bottom. I just looked at your flash photo again, and I can barely tell the difference between our two bags on the front. On the back, your bag goes one way and mine goes the other.

  7. congrats chuggie!:heart: love the smooooooshy leather!
  8. chuggie, your new city is absoutely delicious!

    I looooove the texture of your leather, front and back, it looks so thick and soft already.

    What I am noticing about the anthracite pics and what its great, the color is so saturated. No white edges.

    I think I must have one..:drool:

  9. Looks beautiful, chuggie! Congratulations!
  10. sooo pretty! Congrats!
  11. i love the crinkly back! Wow--the leather is sublime and love ur anthracites!
  12. i have to say i love the leather on the anthracite. very soft but distressed.
  13. :yahoo:congrats chuggie...i fall in love w/ anthracite everytime i see photos! i'm so looking forward to getting anthracite. :love:
  14. :yahoo: Congratulations Chuggy:yahoo:

    Your Anthracite City looks amazing. :yes:
  15. I think mine looks like the back of yours, all over
    when I put it away, it retains the wrinkles of how it folds - it is that soft
    and then it smooths out again as it's used
    it is soft like no other bag
    it is definitely more in the gray/blue family - like that dark gray slate from the 1950s is what I think of - I'm not really seeing the teal