anthracity at SAKS in BH!!

  1. if anyone still wants or is looking for an anthracity, i'm returning one UNUSED to Saks in Beverly Hills tomorrow. if you want it, PM me and i'll have them hold it for you!!!
  2. Thanks for letting us know. BTW- did you have it shipped to you from Saks in Boca Raton FL? I called that store the other day and they said they had one or two that were just shipped out of state?
  3. Saks Boca shipped one to me a month or two ago, and one to another PFer who was looking for one. I told her to give them a call, and I know she got her Anthracity from them.

    Someone snap this up! These are hard to find, a great color, and very in demand.
  4. Is it RH?
  5. yes, that's the store i got it from - well, they found it at another SAks and had it shipped to me. i used my Saks card and they didn't charge me any tax or shipping.
  6. yes, it's RH! i would keep it, but i just found my HG and need the $$ for that purchase. the bag is really nice, blue teal, not green at all.
  7. Have you returned it yet? If so, heading over to see it at lunch ...
  8. not yet - i will be going this afternoon though... probably after 3PM
  9. Thanks, I'll go after work.:p
  10. Definitely get it! boobookitty and I were just talking about how much we love ours. We both had a really hard time finding them and were so happy when we did! I was saying I'm having the urge to call BH and tell them I want it, even though I already have one! (I won't, though, since everyone should have an anthracity.)
  11. Have you returned it yet? My Boca Raton one fell through and I'm going to JUMP on this one if possible. Let me know if I should PM you!
  12. hey everyone! the bag is being held under my name, Nicole, at the SAks in BH. the person to ask for is Chuck Chessher. the number is 310-887-5356. he's going to hold it for 2 days and then ship it back to Florida if no one buys it. you can also buy it over the phone and they can ship it to you. good luck!!

    (update: another tPFer called about it and the bag might be under her name now - Carol.)
  13. NICOLE!! I got it! And this time I really got it! It is in my arms, gorgeous, waiting for me to stop petting it- lol! OMG- Nicole, I don't know why you took it back, but I am soooooooooo glad you did! It's sheer perfection and the color rocks my world! Thank you so much for letting us all know and getting the info out! I will cherish her!
  14. Congrats Aerynna! I'm so glad the anthracity found a good home. I absolutely love mine! I love the color so much I have three of them: anthracity RH, anthracity GGH and anthrawork! :p Enjoy!!!
  15. Congrats aerynna! I was the one who backed out. I'm going to hold out for an anthra PT. I'm so glad it went to another TPFer!!! :yes: