Anthraciters ~ What do you love about your Anthracite?

  1. Anthraciters ~ What do you love about your Anthracite? i was intrigued by anthracite when i finally saw it IRL and think it would be an awesome alternative to black. do you think it's a versatile color that goes w/ a lot?

    i'm thinking about one of 3 styles:
    • the first - i don't have one in my collection, and it would be nice to have a bbag for evenings out, for when i carry few essentials, or for errands.
    • the city - it's the perfect everyday size. anyone use their cities for going out (movies, dinners, evenings out and such)?
    • the day - it's a roomy and comfy shoulder bag, and casual chic.
    what are your thoughts? TIA! :heart:
  2. I love it! I think it's quite edgy. I think it does go with a lot, especially spring colors right now. I've been wearing it with yellows, muted teals, really a lot of colors. I think it will work well come Fall and Winter as well. As far as vote goes to the Day or City.
  3. hey cracker! i'm totally in love w/ the anthracite color on your new GH. is it true that the anthracite color on GH is more saturated and deeper than RH? since you had both, did you see differences between the 2?
  4. I have a first and love it! The color is constantly changing from black to grey to blue to green.. and i find it totally versitile. It's definitely on the edgy side and with the first size (it's my only first) it's perfect to take out to clubs! I don't have to baby it as much because of it being a dark colour which is a plus.. i just looovvveee it :yes:
  5. I love my anthracite TWIGGY. I carry it all the time and it seems to go with every outfit I put on. The color changes from grey to black to green to blue depending on the lighting, and this is what makes this color SO special.

    With the twiggy (size between a city and a first), I can carry all my daily essentials, and not be burdened with a big bag! I wear my bag on the shoulders using handle straps and it looks really chic.

    Love my anthracite TWIGGY. This color isn't given enough credit!
  6. thank you sammydoll & grande latte ~ sounds like anthracite is really chameleon. i love the chameleon qualities of ink...sounds like anthra is the color for me. :supacool:

  7. Actually, the pretty much the same as far as color goes. But with GH, it tends to brighten up the bag and make it appear lighter at times but it really isn't. The bag changes colors depending on the lighting. I walked into my room just now and the bag looked like a deep violet-blue. I love this color.
  8. thanks cracker :heart: ~ would you say your anthra has both green and blue tones depending on the lighting, or does it lean more toward one? and both GH and RH have the same depth/degree of color?
  9. cracker - do you know where you can get it in the DAY style?? supposedly, they're getting them in BalNY...:confused1:

  10. At night, with artificial lighting is when it leans toward a dk. grey with teal undertones. During the day, indoors, it's a dk. grey with blue-violet (midnight blue)undertones. Outside in direct sunlight, it's graphite. It's always changing depending how light is hitting hit. Have fun choosing a bag!
  11. I don't know. I do most of my shopping at BalNY through Daphne. Have you tried NM's. I bought my Cafe at the Palm Beach NM's through J.J. You could give them a call. He seems to be the most knowledgable of the staff. He'll be able to tell you what they've ordered this season. Good luck!
  12. thanks cracker! i'm excited for this color. i've reserved a city. i just hope the leather is smooshy and wrinkley like your anthracite. i was contemplating the twiggy...decisions!
  13. I think whatever you get in this color it will be great leather. If it isn't definitely send it back and request another because I haven't seen one yet on this board that didn't look absolutely incredible.
  14. I love both the leather and the color. The leather is thick and yummy. I love the way my city slouches. I also love that the color changes, depending on the lighting. I find that it goes with many of the things that I wear and it just feels a bit edgy.
  15. thanks chuggie! i love how cities slouch too. do you ever take yours out for casual evenings?