Anthraciters: need your opinion please!

  1. To all of you who now own the much anticipated anthracite (or will soon own it), I need your opinion. The pics so far are amazing, and Fayden's Work has really convinced me that this may be the next Bbag....BUT

    I don't want 20 Bbags, I like to have just a few so I don't neglect any and not feel like I have them sitting around, that's just me. So I like to get versatile colors (me = boring neutrals usually) that will go with everything. I don't see anthracite being totally versatile but I'm loving this color!!

    So do you think anthracite is too close to BLACK? It looks like black to me. Because right now I have black and camel and don't know if anth is my best option for a 3rd bag. I am imagining that in sunlight it's like highgloss said, a dark gray with the green/blue undertones, right? But what about at night? Looks like black? Please help, I'm dying to buy a 3rd bag!!!
  2. I love neutrals and colors but I tend to use my neutrals more often. Since you have black and camel, I would get a lighter bag instead of anthracite unless you are sure you really love it. What about sandstone or natural since you don't have a light colored neutral. Both are gorgeous and both go with anything. Also the leather on the sandstone and naturals is consistently fabulous.
  3. I agree w/Powder. I have a gray and black bag & for my first Bbag I decided to "even" things out a bit.

    However, if you really love the anth. I'd get it - I mean, you could probably always exchange it if you change your mind.
  4. it really does look almost like black. i would say if you didn't have the black then it is a good alternative to it. get a different color.
  5. I say get a different color too.. I love my grenat city, the red is a very versatile color and goes with all my outfits!
  6. bal newbie, I feel like you are my conscience talking!! LOL! I was just about to put a call through to Bal NYC for a First Anthracite when I came across your thread and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I have a black city and I'm wondering if I am being silly in getting a colour which in all its loveliness is akin to black. OH what to do, what to do and time is of the essence as I leave the US in 2 days to visit my parents far far away where I will never be able to get my hands on anything Anthra till I come back in late May. Sorry to butt in here, I hope you don't mind! Should I wait for plomb?
  7. I have the opposite problem. I don't have a black B-bag in my collection and was thiiiiiiiiis close to buying a black twiggy when I saw all the amazing recent pics here of anthracite. I'm thinking it would be a great alternative to black because it's LIKE black but not quite. I spoke with Daphne at BalNY and she said she would *not* describe it as gray. Here's how she described it: "how the Caribbean would look at nighttime -- deep dark greens and blues, almost black. No gray in it. Very saturated." That's pretty much word-for-word.

    I put my name on the list for an anthracite Twiggy. :p Daphne said there are a handful of anthracite Cities available right now. (the Twiggys sold out almost immediately, but that's because they ordered way more Cities than Twiggys)
  8. bal newbie and girlie - I just received my anthracite work and I do :love: it, but it is VERY close to black. I chose the work in this color because I knew I had to have an anthracite bag, but I already have two black city bags (regular and GH hardware) and just could not justify another black bbag. So glad I chose the work! Anthracite is a very dark charcoalish grey, probably 2-3 shades off of black. If you don't want duplicates, go for another color.
  9. Thanks for your advice, everyone! Really good input as usual. I agree, now that I've slept on it, it really is close to black. I just got excited because of all the prety pics. The thing is, I thought something in hte RED family would be best to round out my bbag wardrobe AND add a pop of color, winter or summer. However, I must use my BalNY credit and there's nothing I'm loving right now that's red. I don't like vermillion and rouge vif is alllll gone.

    Powder, I agree sandstone is a beautiful color, as is natural, but I'm afraid of light colored bags as I am pretty rough on my bags, the better to break them in quicker! And sandstone feels too close to camel for me.

    I think I want a Work or Box but I'm limiting myself because I want a darker colored Work (but again not too close to black or brown) or a red Box (sold out in RV and discontinued all together).

    Why am I so difficult?? Well, there's always Fall 07.....
  10. Thank you luxelife, I need to be practical, I know I need to, so in order to get my ass moving (!) I've asked for a pix of a anthracite first to be sent to me and hopefully she will do so, and then a decision will be made! Would love to see a pix of yours, a big congrats by the way!
  11. Hmmm. I just got my Anthracite Twiggy today and if I *had* to pick a colour, I would say steel blue : ) Mine has *a lot* of blue in it, no green that I can see. So basically a charcoal grey-blue. Mine is the Twiggy pictured in Powerderpuff's "Pics of aqua, anthracite and sandstone" thread.

    It is close to black, but it's not black. If you have black and want to diversify, I wouldn't choose Anthracite.

    I wish you well,

  12. Luxelife and Bridget, would you be able to post some pics of your new bags. I'm dying to see them in a variety of settings. If you already posted on another thread, please disregard this request - I'll find them.
  13. Bridget ^^^^^ So...If a person already owned a Black GH and wanted to add a Black RH AND wanted anthracite...then Anthracite would be a good move correct???
  14. I think Anthracite is just gorgeous, but I don't think that it is as versatile as a plain black. All the pictures are accurate, because it changes a great deal. It's very dark blue grey, but teal blue, so maybe it does have the green. So teal doesn't go with everything.

    I wish you well,

  15. I have those three exact bags: black city RH, black city GH, and anthracite work. I will post pics later today.