1. anyone have picts and any information on this? I was doing a search and its said to release in febuary.
  2. Now it looks like late Feb or early March...I posted a link for you to an example of the bag in the that color in your other post.
  3. I was just thinking the same thing but didn't want to start another thread. glad you did. i am intrigued by the description (dark grey, green undertones) but can't really imagine it. I wonder if it will be as great as the hype. some colors get so hyped up then are ok IRL.
  4. i'm just as curious, bal newbie - and i'm rather impatient, too! before i break down and buy a city or work in my second-choice color, anthracite being my tentative first choice, i want to see more pics of the color and hear what other owners have to say. :sweatdrop:
  5. I can't wait to see this IRL, I think the color sounds so interesting like an ink. ..... I don't think I can buy another bag anytime soon, the best I can do is window shop.
  6. ^^yeah in order to fund this, I would sell my first and day, but I don't want to just yet in case I don't love it kwim?
  7. NM Scottsdale says their anthracite and periwinkle is scheduled for the end of February, so Balny will probably get theirs mid-February according to Joseph.
  8. hmmmm, interesting. somebody better buy one fast so we can all see what this color is all about! it sounds like another color that will be really hard to photograph well.
  9. I'm also interested in this color... wondering what grey/green will look like. is it going to be charcoal?

    well, I will def. be anticipating seeing pics of this one!
  10. ^^yes please, whoever the lucky lady will be!

    I've decided that If I go on a purse ban, I'll try to buy it in the summer.
  11. This might be a silly question, but does Bal Paris get the colours first?

    Will be in Paris 19-22 February and am hoping that Anthracite may be available in Paris at that time! :drool:
  12. No...They received Blue India after Bal NY and Printemps...but I must admit there are no rules...
    Hope you'll find one when you'll be here:yes:
  13. Will this one have that new huge hardware or will it have the old hardware? Does anyone know? That would make a huge different to me.
  14. Do you think that the second bag in the pic is anthracite....?
    My next b.bag will be a quilted balenciaga... i was thinking blue glacier or cobalt but now i think that anthracite will be gorgeous in this model..:yes: :yes:
  15. ^^^^
    Yep..pretty sure the 2nd one is the Anthracite !!