1. i wanted to know is anthracite a rare color? or is a whole year season color?
    worth getting?
  2. Anthracite is an awesome color! Esp with GGH! It was made for Spring '07 - I guess a 1 season bag could end up becoming rare?
  3. not sure if its rare or not but I have one and its really gorgeous. I recommend this color to anyone.
  4. cuz i saw they written
    Violet , Magenta , Jaune [ is limited edition color ?]!!
    but i guess anthracite is more to long lasting bag rite?
    for everyday usee... ya i love the GGH city.
  5. I have anthracite (that's it in my avatar picture) and it is a good color for every day, if that's what you're asking. It's dark enough not to show a lot of wear or dirt, and the color is very versatile.

    It was only out for one season, as others have said, but wasn't limited edition like magenta (where they only made 500 or so.) Depending on the style and hardware you want, it will be hard to find new at this point. I made probably 15-20 calls to stores back in early July to find my RH anthracity, and there were only a few GHs left then too. You may need to check eBay and reputable consignment stores to track one down.
  6. HI,
    I have heard that you will either hate it or love it, that there is no in between but I have not personally seen it IRL. GOOD LUCK!
  7. I have an anthra city and it is an absolutely gorgeous color. When I was looking for one a couple of months ago, the only one I could find was in Australia and I would have had to pay way over retail for it. I passed on it, and a couple of days later one popped up on eBay that was brand new so I grabbed it. Keep looking.....You never know! Good luck!