Anthracite Work?

  1. I'm looking for an Anthracite work (with RH) and am having trouble finding one. Does anyone know if there are any left? I tried BNY and Barney's already and neither of them have one.
  2. I think AR had one left.:graucho:
  3. Thanks Nanaz! I'll call AR tomorrow, hopefully it's still there.
  4. There is also one listed on eBay and I believe its from a Tpf member too.
  5. Thanks, Kathym. I saw the one on eBay, but it has GH. If I can't find one with RH then I may get that one instead.
  6. I believe AR sold that bag last week :crybaby:
  7. ^^ You're right boobookitty. I email AR last night and they said they don't have any anthraworks left :sad:
  8. I'll keep my eyes WIDE open for you:heart:
  9. Thank you tooshies! :flowers:
  10. It might be worth trying Saks (Boca seems to be the best store to call.) Saks calls the color galet. They were able to get a couple of RH anthracities for me and another PFer in the last couple of weeks. Or maybe Neimans?
  11. Thanks kimberf. I just called Saks and they don't have it, so I'll try Neimans next.
  12. there's one on ebay with rh right now...
  13. Yep!! There's one on ebay right now, and apparently the seller's a tPF member(she didn't reveal her identity).

    I'd add a link to it as well, but I'm not sure if a link to an ebay auction is allowed on tPF.... The starting bid is the retail, $1,385 and BIN for $1,500.

    Good luck!!:tup:
  14. there's one on ebay right now, go snatch it up! it looks amazing. :drool:
  15. I saw the one on ebay (I've been obsessively searching ebay about 50 times a day :sweatdrop:). I'm just trying to decide if I want to BIN or not. The BIN is a little high and I told myself I wouldn't pay above retail but I'm afraid that if I bid then I won't win. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet...hopefully I'll get it though :yes: