Anthracite Work or Part time?????

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  1. I am so sad and mad at myself for missing out on what was one of the most gorgeous Anthracite Works I have seen!!! :crybaby:Has anybody come across a wrinkley, distressed, Anthra Work or Part Time with RH in thier travels?? I am in need of a MAJOR pick me up!!! TIA!!! ;)
  2. Don't be sad, sweetie. We'll find you one.

    If not, try Erica @ Ecluxe. She had these bags a week ago and may be good alternatives.

    Anthracite Brief
    Anthracite GH Work
  3. cheer up! you will find the perfect anthracite work again. good luck!
  4. Doesn't BalNY still have a few?
  5. I prefer the Work bag
  6. Work for sure!!!
  7. the work looks better to me, too bad it doesn't come with a shoulder strap -_-"
  8. We will keep a lookout for you!:search: