Anthracite..what shape are you feelin'???

  1. In anticipation of the arrival of ANTHRACITE!!! :heart:

    What shape are thinking of getting?

    My first thought was a I'm thinking a twiggy or a first because it looks "metallic like" and I can use it as a evening bag.

    AAAAHHHH:hysteric: so many choices...

    What are you getting and why?
  2. I think the Day is for me....
  3. City for me.:yahoo:
  4. I'm thinking a Work instead of holding out for a 05 grey. I'm really liking this color.
  5. City and Work, hopefully! :yes:
  6. I've been feeling the twiggy
    I think?
  7. or I might be feelin the mini bowling
  8. City maybe? I'm mostly into the Day style, but this might be a nice alternative to basic black in the City.
  9. I'm thinking either the Day or Twiggy, myself...
  10. I am not yet shure about anthracite but I might prefer it to black, what the shape is concerned it's the day for me.
  11. I ordered the new flat messenger! :jammin:
  12. i wanna see it in the flat messenger!
  13. I think I need to see Anthracite IRL before deciding for certain on a style - I just think some colors look better in some styles than others.
  14. Twiggy or City
  15. I'm planning on a City, because I don't have one yet and I think Anthracite will look lovely in that style. However, when I'm in the store I'll ask to see it also in Twiggy (my fav), MidA and MiniB, just in case I'm inspired in a different way...