Anthracite w/GH - thoughts?

  1. BalNY will be getting this combo in soon... just thought I would pass the pic along.
    What do you think? :yahoo: or :yucky: ?
    I am kind of thinking :yahoo:
  2. I'm on the list for that (but not in the Brief). I'm told it's MUCH prettier in person. I'm still not sold on the Anthracite but I trust everyone who says it's much prettier in person. I can't wait to see it!!!!
  3. I think i would like to have it in a Part Time style.:yes:
  4. Nanaz, we could be bag twinzies again!
  5. :yes: I'm thinking of trading my anthracite work w/RH for the anthracite work w/GH... I love the bag but am not thrilled w/the leather. Thinking the leather will be better on the GH bags, at least that seems to be the case.

    PS Glimmer, the anthracite color is absolutely gorgeous in person! I just am not super happy w/the leather on the work w/RH. Plus, I really think the anthracite w/GH will be a gorgeous combo!

    PSS Glimmer, you should get the work in this combo, then we will be bag twins x 2!
  6. Thanks for the pix, luxelife, if the colour is as standout IRL as everyone is saying (anthracite and her many features seems to have been so hard to capture in a photo), GH will be lovely!
  7. I was not fond of GH so far....but with Anthracite...
    I must admit I LOVE the combo !!!!!!!!
  8. ^^ ITA fromparis! The contrast of GH and the anthracite color is amazing... I love it!
  9. It's intruiging...would love to see how it would look with silver...
  10. I'm still not sure how I feel about the GH. I do love the color of the anthracite (especially this picture). I just hope that my yet-to-arrive city has nice leather. I'm a bit worried after your post, Luxelife.