Anthracite Twiggy is Here! See Pics

  1. Hello,

    My Anthracite TWIGGY is here. I ran into the UPS man while he's getting out of the van. I almost HUGGED him!:yahoo:

    Okay, so I've been a little ambivalent about this Anthracite color. Different members say different things. Some pictures in this forum looked blue, some looked dark, some looked steely grey. I had NO idea what to expect.....

    Let's just say that I'm overwhelmingly surprised- in a happy way! I love this color! It's a chameleon color which changes shade in the sun, out of the sun, and indoors.

    I would call mine a dark grey with distinct shade of blue. I don't see a whole lot of black. Just concentrated mixed colors. The leather is very soft, and it has really cool distressed look to it. And of course, there's nothing like the smell of a new Balenciaga bag!:smile: I can really imagine this bag being my most used bag due to its versatile color. I wore white this afternoon, and this color didn't drag me down at all. I can envision wearing it all summer and beyond!

    From a distance, it can be construed as dark blue, or medium grey, or even black depending on the background. Up close, I really see lots of blue- not the obvious blue as course, but definitely cool tones. These pictures actually represent the different dimensions of this bag. Hope you enjoy them!
    tmpphpXUQv6b.jpg tmpphp1lpwcB.jpg tmpphpflV5iO.jpg tmpphpmRbcBY.jpg
  2. CONGRATS! I know what you mean...I met the UPS man at the street today! I'm sure he wishes everyone would come out to him so he wouldn't have to get in and out! GREAT bag!:yahoo:
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Oh wow! I totally see the blue in that, and the other tones you're referring to. What an awesome colour!
    Can you post pics of you wearing it?
  5. yummy looking. congrats!
  6. Love it! This is a color I'll want in a couple of years after the bag has been loved and broken in lol. The leather looks awesome.
  7. Very nice! Congrats!
  8. very nice first anthracite twiggy i've seen here!
  9. GORGEOUS!! i am loving this colour, probably because I'm a massive ink fan :smile:

    I :heart: my mailman:love:
  10. Gorgeous color...and mine's pretty much the same. I think I've decided this is my favorite color! And I took an informal poll of family and friends -- everyone calls it BLUE. So I now have a blue bag after all, and it's my favorite blue -- that sort of "French Cadet" blue that was popular in the early 90s.

  11. WOW.. It is absolutely beautiful! Congrats. :smile:
  12. That is gorgeous! I see green in there it! :smile:
  13. yayy congrats :yahoo:

    it's really a gorgeous color, i see blues, dark greens and grey on this one!
    i can't wait to see it IRL!
    very versatile colour!
  14. Congrats it's such nice colour:drool:
  15. :nuts: Love it!!! Congrats! Model it for us!! :nuts: