anthracite suede??

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  1. i was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the anthracite suede? im dying to see what it looks like but cant seem to find any pictures when i google it. TIA!
  2. You can see the anthracite suede in a declic in CL Madison's online album at They're on the left hand side next to the purple declics.

    I've seen these in person, actually ordered the new simples in anthracite suede, and wound up returning them for the burgundy because the anthracite sort of just looked like faded black and not that attractive. However, that could have been the coloring on my particular pair, so I'd recommend trying to see these in person if you're considering them.
  3. thanks! i just wanted to see what it looked like because i was considering the black clichy but they also had the anthracite suede and wondered what that would look like. i think i will stick with black though because its more basic.
  4. Thanks for the link. I had high hope for the anthracite.