Anthracite Shopper on NAP

  1. Wow...I checked the "Wednesday update" and found this beauty. I will NOT be getting one, but I so love this color! Sadly, it looks like they have sold out at NAP already, for the bargain price of $2005. Maybe it will show up at Nordstrom later.
    anthracite tote.jpg anthracite tote 2.jpg
  2. oooo thank goodness my anthracite paddy already satisfys my want for this color.
  3. Is the shopper heavy?
  4. I thought it was kind of heavy. Compared to my b-bag, though, everything is heavy. I think I am off of Chloe for a while. I love them, but I think I need to love them vicariously. Unless Fayden decides to sell her anthracite!!!