Anthracite RH Work??

  1. I know I'm way late on this, but is there any Anthracite Work RH left anywhere?! I've found a few GH, but I really like the RH look better.

    Please, good news, anyone?! :crybaby:
  2. pm me and i'll let you know...
  3. Hi Nicole - after you tell dukechickie (I don't want to be rude and interfere with her bag hunt, since she was the original poster), I would love to have the info as well, if you're willing to share. I was just e-mailing my fave SA at Barneys to see what they have left in Anthracite, since I love my anthracity so much. Could you PM me? That way I'll know that dukechickie already has the info and a chance to call wherever it is, instead of me being rude and asking first.
  4. There was one up on eBay a week ago or so, listed by a tPFer.

    Has that one sold already??