Anthracite pics

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  1. [​IMG]

    Anthracite Twiggy


    Anthracite Weekender/Work ??

    the yellow lighting of the second pic throws the color off somewhat. the true color is closer to the first pic. think turquoise with a dash of vert gazon and a lot of black pigment.

    sneakily taken at the Paris Printemps store. Bal main store won't be getting this until 1-2 weeks later.
  2. Thanks for posting ! It's def an unique and gorgeous color !
  3. Thanks for the photos...Did you like the color?
  4. It looks pretty black on my screen... :wondering
    Could you post a bigger pic maybe?
  5. wow, first anthracite pics! Thanks for sharing! very cool color!
  6. Thank you VIXETTE!! :girlsigh:

    So it's a green-blue tinged with black? This is going to be interesting!! :yes:
  7. Thanks it looks dark gray wit a hint of silver in my monitor.
  8. to me, it's more a charcoal black with hints of green and a *little* bit of blue.

    imagine the poster paints tubes from art classes. take true green, dash of blue and mix in generous amounts of black, not so much that it becomes black-black, but still enough to see the green-blue. does that make sense?

    like ink, it looks different under different lighting.
  9. Wow, thanks vixette for taking the pix, I've been dying to see what anthracite looks like.....
  10. oooh thanks for taking pictures!
  11. sounds lovely! Can't wait for my anthracite bag to arrive from LVR! :jammin:
  12. Thanks for being sneaky and getting pics
  13. Thanks for the pics! In the first pic it looks great. Can't wait fo more sightings.
  14. wow. wow. I'll go to printemps this week for sure.
  15. Did you see any aquamarine bags in Paris?