Anthracite Paddy with Silver Hardware?

  1. Does such a Chloe bag exist? Or is it anticipated for an upcoming collection? Thanks!
  2. it definitely exists.

    here's mine.

    i do believe it's a limited edition piece?
  3. Yes, that's a bag from last season or was it this season. It's a fairly recent bag. Fayden has one, I believe. It's absolutely beautiful!
  4. Yep, here mine. Its obviously empty :lol:
  5. Yours looks really kewl and slouchy! Mine is still brand new. It seems stiffer than my others. Does it get softer with use?
  6. Nawth, yours look like she's exhausted from a big day out, lol! I love it!!!
  7. My mousse has softened up ALOT. The anthracite was like that from the get go, I think its gotten even slouchier lol. Its like a puddle
  8. Yes, yes! It was from the Spring 06 collections. Metallic Anthracite with nickle hardware. Fabulous color!!:nuts:
  9. Thanks for responding! The pics are beautiful! I meant to specify non-metallic anthracite. The pics look like the metallic to me. How about the non-metallic with silver hardware? Does it exist? Thanks again!
  10. Yep, that one exists, too...not sure about the hardware color, though.

    You might do a search for the "Documenting Chloe Colours" will find LOTS of great info there!
  11. Non metallic anthracite has gold hardware and is a dead ringer of Noir, just with different undertones. I have pics of one but its on a different computer
  12. Yes it is out this season (spring 06) and is lovely! I snapped a phone-pic after a shopping spree - u can see the polished nikel hardware (kinda) sorry for the low res pics :smile:

  13. Thanks everyone!

  14. WHAT!!!!!! You have a black paddy with silver hardware?????? :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:

    I saw your pic prior; but, thought the flash was playing tricks on me, because I did not know this bag existed!!!!

    Where did you get this bag???

    (I have tried to or have sold every paddy I own because they kill my arms to carry, I CANNOT buy another one; but, I would sure like to know where you got yours. :P )