Anthracite Paddy or Ivory Betty?

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  1. I have both of these on hold at Nordy's, and can't decide which one. I've always wanted a Paddy, and I absolutely love this color. But once I saw the Ivory Betty, I just melted and now I don't know which one to choose. Any thoughts?
  2. I fell in love with the ivory Betty too! I also like the anthracite color, but I could never justify the price for that paddy in a metallic color. Now that they're on sale, I would definitely buy both if I could. If I couldn't, I would buy the anthracite first only because it is more rare than the ivory Betty.

    As far as the ivory/white betty, are you getting the summer one or the spring one? I found the summer a bit too yellowish for my tastes, but the spring one is absolutely perfect. Good luck with your decision!
  3. If they're on sale buy BOTH! But if you have to pick one, I agree with BL, get the anthracite first! Then figure a way to buy Betty! LOL!
  4. I agree. My vote goes to the anthracite paddy. I too am getting that same paddy, eventhough I already have a diffrent colored one! Btw...its already discontinued and the silver hardware is tdf!
  5. The idea of an ivory Betty sounds very nice and fresh! If you melt for the Betty and only want the paddy to check that notch on your belt, then perhaps Betty? But true this is a great time to get the anthracite IF it makes you melt too!
  6. Definitely the metallic Anthracite with the silver hardware. I've wanted one of those for so long!
  7. anthracite paddy definitely!
  8. anthracite paddy is my vote.
  9. I prefer the anthracite Paddy.
  10. Ivory Betty :smile:
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