Anthracite paddy? Help w/ fake purse seller

  1. Help! I'm trying desperately to find the '06 anthracite paddington bag! I must have one with silver hardware...I would settle for taupe too. Anyone know of any websites I missed? Also, I totally got burned by I was so excited about finding an anthracite on there...and they were guaranteed authentic...ugh. I filed a claim with the BBB but they're trying to charge me 15% and no shipping refund so I would be out over $150 for a FAKE! Any suggestions???
  2. I have seen the gorgeous metallic aubergine one on eBay just this week (its slightly warmer coloured than anthracite but still with the metallic) and it still had the NAP tags on it. Will go and find the link for you :smile:
  3. There's a argent paddy on LVR (it's similar to taupe I think) for 30% off.