Anthracite Paddy - Color Rubbing Off - Help !!

  1. Hello: I need some advice!! I have a brand new Authentic Paddy in Metallic Anthracite that I purchased late last month. I have used it two times, just to go out to dinner and I have been SUPER careful with it both times. It is stored in its dustbag at all other times. When I took it out today to look at it I noticed that in several places on the bag the color appeared to be rubbing off!!! The bag is not scratched or anything - like I said, I am very careful with it. The color just looks like it is rubbing off. Of course, I am freaking out - this was an expensive bag!

    I purchased it on ebay from a reputable seller. I feel she should take it back and refund my money. Can I have some feedback on this matter from you ladies out there ?????
  2. I guess the problem with buying from ebay is that the seller probably is not entitled to offer you a refund, as she sold it to you without the rubbing. HOWEVER, Chloe, regardless of where you purchased it from, must put it right, so you need to contact one of their stores. It will probably need to be sent away, and Chloe closes down for the whole of August for their holiday, so I would hold onto it until September and then take it to your nearest Chloe outlet who will get it repaired for you :smile:
    Unfortunately, you are not the first person to report rubbing issues with the metallic colours :sad:, I hope you get it sorted easily
  3. I agree with Chloe-babe. The seller really isn't obligated to give you a refund since it is a characteristic of the metallics to rub off. I never knew that Chloe boutiques would take care of that though? I wonder if they would do the same for chipped locks?

    I hear people complain about the anthracite colours rubbing off all the time. It is one of the reasons I stay away from those colours.

    I'm sorry and I would follow chloe-babe's advice to call Chloe...although, would they help her since she has no proof of boutique/department store receipt?
  4. I am sure they would have to, because I guess lots of Chloe's are purchased as gifts for people who may also not have the receipt?, One of my padlocks on my paddy has recently broke, and I had the following response from Chloe

    Dear Julie

    We are sorry about the damaged item ...

    To give you the best service, could you please be so kind as to contact the
    nearest Chloe's boutique.

    The boutique manager will give you all the information about Chloe's return

    Best regards
    The Chloe team

    So, I am sure that they can assist her.
  5. I have the same problem! One end of my bag is rubbed. I sprayed the bag with Shining Monkey in hope that it does not get worse. I plan on calling Chloe - but good to know they are closed. I am using a different bag so I will wait until Sept to follow-up.:sad:
  6. Have you heard about the non-metallic anthracite rubbing off, or it is only the metallic? I ask because I'm considering going for an anthracite Paddy myself!

  7. Thanks so much to everyone for all of the advice. I have contacted the seller and she is going to send me another bag, this time not a metallic!! Even though the anthracite color is TDF, after this experience I would probably steer clear of that color. Luckily, Chloe makes so many incredible colors that it is pretty easy to make another selection! Thanks again !!
  8. stormy, glad to hear you are getting this resolved, I'm having the same problem with my silver paddington, which I received from LVR in late January. I'm not sure what I could do about the problem at this point. :shrugs:
  9. I've heard the rubbing off from all anthracite paddingtons, not just metallic...that is unfortunate. :Push:

    Stormy, WOW that is very impressive that the Ebay seller is sending you another bag! That's almost unheard Great news!