Anthracite Paddington Problem

  1. Hi -I have two anthracite paddingtons - one baby and one regular. The baby is perfect , but I have had my regular anthracite paddy for only 1 month and it looks as if it was a metallic silver paddy that was spray-painted anthracite!
    The handles are a mess - you can see what looks like metallic silver drip-marks on the handles - the sides are almost a matt gray with no metallic shine at all and I have the swarovski crystal lock and underneath where it rubs on the front - the leather is almost completely silver!
    The difference in the color of the leather on the two bags is dramatic - has anyone else had a similar problem with the anthracite leather?
  2. can't say i have, my anthracite paddy is perfectly fine. i've had it since december. can you post pics?
  3. I will try to post pics .... Thanks!
  4. Where did you buy it from, if you don't mind my asking?
  5. Someone posted a thread on 'Authenticate This!' about a used, apparently authentic Paddy in Anthracite, that was being sold on eBay, which appeared to have the same problem (it was particularly obvious in incandescent light, apparently).

    Assuming the bag is authentic and you bought it from a store (even if it was a while ago), I would return it, as it is obviously defective. :yes:
  6. Thanks so much - I checked out the thread and the pictures of the bag on ebay and the issue is the same! It is definitely defective - it is interesting that the defects are in the same exact places! Thanks again for your help!
  7. Glad to have helped, debi! :biggrin:
  8. I have an ant.paddy and mine doesn't have any of those issues ---
  9. I've seen peeling and chipping on metallic silver paddington satchels but not on met. anthracite. My friend returned her silver back to Ron Herman because it was chipping so much.