anthracite or silver paddy?

  1. Which one would you choose? Thanks!
  2. Anthracite. The silver's a little too bright and blingy.
  3. i would choose anthracite as well
  4. Anthracite as well. Eventhough I won't buy either one even if it's on sale. :smile:
  5. Anthracite!! Have it and LOVE IT!!
  6. anthracite, i have it as well, the silver is just too loud...
  7. Anthracite. I find the silver too blingy!
  8. Anthracite :yes:
  9. I also prefer the Anthracite.
  10. Another vote for anthracite. So far it seems to be unanimous!
  11. ^^^ Hmm... I wonder if this explains why it's so much easier to locate the silver over the anthracite.
  12. anthracite!!!
  13. Pnay71 why wouldn't u buy one even it was on sale???
  14. Thanks to all who responded. For those who own anthracites, have you experienced area of your bag fading or rubbing off? Ie: areas where the bag is worn??? I'm just worried...
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