Anthracite or rouge vermillon? help

  1. I'm thinking of another day bag, I have two colours in mind, anthracite and rouge vermillon, does anyone have photos of these two bags please?
    Which do you think I should go for?:wlae: thanks for any help:smile:
  2. Oh I should have done a poll.....hmmm
  3. Given your current collection, I'd go with an Anthracite Day.
  4. I would suggest vermillon because you already have several cool toned bags in your collection. The red will be very different than anything you currently own.
  5. I'm looking for an anthraday myself.. hehe
  6. Hmmm thanks for your help guys. I wish I had photos to compare.
    Oh Chuggie I love your dog! really cute!
  7. i would say anthracite since your wishlist indicates rouge vif. plus, you don't have any dark colors in your collection.
  8. I would say rouge vermillion...IMHO, every woman needs one RED handbag!
  9. Anthracite all the way! I think Anthracite is much more special than Vermillion.
  10. Anthracite Day
  11. I've got both and I can't choose between them - I know I am in the minority but Vermillion is my fav Red by Balenciaga........but Anthracite is so versatile and unusual....hmmmmmm :shrugs:
  12. I saw a gorgeous Vermillion Day at NM, I think Vermillion would be a nice addition to your collection...

    comparison pics (sorry, no DAY pics)




  13. Vermillion!!!
  14. oooo - this brings up my oft-repeated question: has anyone seen an anthracite day? Do I need to perform some sort of ritual with candles and mirrors to make this mythical b-bag appear?
  15. I returned my vermillion DAY even though it was beautiful. I just don't see myself walking around with a big red bag. Instead, I got the anthracite TIWGGY and I love it to death. It's a great substitute for black with deep blue understones. I can wear it all seasons with any outfit. The color is dark enough so that when I set my bag on the floor, I don't have to worry about it getting dirty.