Anthracite or Noir Mahina?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Well, it's official. I've been been bitten by the Mahina bug!
    I LOVE this bag. I tried on anthracite and noir (large) and I thought they actually both looked great. I'd love to hear more opinions on which color everyone prefers for this incredible style! Please feel free to chime in your favorite mahina color even if it's not either one I mentioned. I love reading about the mahina. lol

    Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. Both colors are great but I chose anthracite. it is easier to find a nice black bag but it may hard to find a nice bag in anthracite!!
  3. You can't go wrong with either. I agree with monster, though--Anthracite is a more unique color and it is easier to find a nice black bag.
  4. depends if you already have a bunch of black bags or not. if you do go with anthracite.
  5. Thanks Ladies. Funny you vote for anthracite. My daughter and the SA at the LV boutique thought that color looked incredible with my complexion.

    I think I know what my next handbag purchase will be when I"m ready to take the plunge.

    It's fun chatting about it here until then.:smile:
  6. Funny because this is my colour choice for my "future" Mahina L at the moment. Our boutique has anthracite and Noir and I'm torn because I have both black and anthracite bags. The perforations are more prominent on the anthracite because it's lighter and that is a plus for me. I want every detail of the Mahina to shine as much as possible so I think the colour is important.

    BTW, I've read that by January, Navy and Mustard Mahina will be released so you could also wait til then. The navy sounds awesome....
  7. I have a Noir and I LOVE it. It's my favorite black bag, but if your in love with the Anthracite color, go for that one. I do believe it's harder to find a perfect grey color than a black bag.
  8. I LOVE the Mahina! I like it better in black
  9. Hm... it looks like the preference is fairly equal here. And I have to say I can see why. They are BOTH gorgeous colors so how is one supposed to choose?

    Ladies, I can't get a large mahina out of my head tonight. Oh brother. I"m in trouble. I had to fall in love with a Mahina. lol
  10. I know what you mean! LOL I feel the same way!
  11. I have the Mahina L in Poudre but my vote is for Noir.
  12. lol, Great, we're in this one together then.;)
    I"m glad I started this thread to find a few mahina buddies to share the love. And I still can't get over how CHIC the bag looked when I tried it on over the weekend. This is one very special bag ladies!
  13. You should check out my reveal last week! She was my last LV :smile:
  14. Going right now to check!:smile:
  15. Wowsers!!!
    Now that was a reveal.

    I hope your enjoying that absolutely gorgeous handbag as much as I think you are!