Anthracite Muse

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  1. Well my hopes of getting a black ysl muse are shattered as of the moment. My sa called around to all of the NM stores and only found anthracite. ON the YSL website, the anthracite looks like a muted silver grey color, has anyone seen this IRL. They are holding it for me right now while I make a decision. What do yall think.. Large anthracite muse???:wacko:
  2. It looks like it's absolutely stunning, but if you have your heart set on black, it may not be the answer. You could always order it and return it if you don't love it...
  3. thanks valerie, it looks really beautiful on the website, and it's close to black, I'll just order it and return it if it's not what I want..
  4. How about the dark chocolate, it looks like black most of the time! I got it because I had too many black bags. I saw the anthacite, it didn't do it for me. Here's a pic of the dark chocolate...

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  5. I do think the Anthracite is gorgeous and pretty subtle for a metallic, but the Houston YSL store has a black Large. Is that what you're looking for?
  6. YSL NYC has black large and the anthracite large too! I saw the anthracite and it's beautiful....better than the Chloe anthracite IMO.
  7. Conversations about the MUSE are starting to sound like last year's rap about the PADDY - Is the MUSE the new PADDY?
  8. hi all! i've been wondering about the anthracite muse as well. it seems to be less shiny than the anthracite paddingtons. i saw an anthracite paddy very briefly in a store window and my initial reaction was that it was too shiny. has anyone seen both? opinions? thanks!
  9. Anthracite sounds beautiful :biggrin: I hope you get the one you want!
  10. The Anthracite Paddy is MUCH shinier than the Anthracite Muse. The surface of the Muse is so big but even then I wouldn't say that it's too much. I thought it was a nice subtle metallic.
  11. THanks you guys for helping me out.. I just got a MJ venetia for now because I only had a neimans gift card and they couldn't locate a black within it's stores. I'm going to get a large black muse next though. from YSL.