Anthracite Leather Questions

Hi Ladies!
Can you tell me about your experience with anthracite leather?
1. Is it thick?
2. Is it heavy?
3. Is it shiny?
4. Does it get soft and slouch?
5. How does it look when it wears?

I'm familiar with the pewter crash and want to know how this compares. Thanks!


May 19, 2009
Along the Thames

I have a Covet Me in this leather. Think of it as a metallic pebbled leather (that's how Jackie described it to me). It is thick, it is heavier than crash but it is not blingy shiny. It is more grey than pewter and does not have pewter's chameleon characteristics. I like it very much. I haven't worn the bag enough to really have the leather soften but I'm sure Odebdo or Tejas will chime in - sounds like they are using their LTMs in this a lot!


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
Vannie describes it well! It's a pebbled leather so appears more matte than pewter crash which is a bit on the blingy side, imho. It is a slouchy leather so hangs very nicely in a style like the London Tote. I adore this leather! I wish there were more colors choices like it! I carry it in a LT midi and don't find it heavy. It gets 'slouchier' with use.


Mar 29, 2007
Yes, I definitely agree with the pebbled metallic description. I am back to using it because it is raining again and it has held up like a champ. It does get softer and smooshier (is that a word?) with use--far softer than my choco crash, although I love both. It's not heavy at all, and that's a deal killer for me. It is very neutral and I don't think blingy at is just a lovely little pop of shine and I find it brightens up whatever I'm wearing without clashing.

It's one bag that I don't have to think about what I'm wearing--whatever I wear, it works. And I really do love that.


Sep 13, 2007
I do not own this leather in a bag yet but have it in the coin purse and business card case. It is a lovely, lovely leather. I am impressed by how hard-wearing it seems to be. I have carried that coin purse every day since it arrived and it looks brand-spankin' new. So, while I can't speak to the weight or slouchiness in a full-sized bag it seems tough as nails. I would love to see this leather in some stock bags and have contemplated it myself for either a Hold Me (but that might compete with my grey shimmer) or an IB midi.


Dec 3, 2008
I agree with everything the others have said. It is a subtle look that is chewier and thicker than pewter crash. It is very hard wearing. I have a pen case in it and that thing gets knocked and abused and does not have any marks on it.