Anthracite Large Muse

  1. Is this still available? Could I still buy it?
  2. ^^ The Bergdorf Muse is Oversized, and it is calf hair.

    I think sweetsparkle is talking about the regular leather Anthracite Muse.

    I was in the NYC YSL boutique earlier this week and I didn't see one on display.

    I'm not sure if it is still being made/sold, but it would certainly be worth a call to the boutique to find out.

    Good luck.
  3. ^^^ You're right, that's not the one. My mistake, I didn't notice, I'm sorry :flowers:
  4. i don't know if you are still interested, but there is a medium anthracite/metallic gray one at the yl store/south coast location in costa mesa, ca. good luck!
  5. Is the medium really small? Is it calf-hair? TIA!
  6. I just bought the Anthracite Muse in large from the YSL boutique in Singapore. I think they should still have a few pieces left. Price : S$2,350 (incl 7% tax) which is about US$1,500.
  7. no, its not too small, but I just realized it is a ivory is a large and they were the same size. and its not calf-hair either, it's a metallic leather. good luck with that! it's really gorgeous!
  8. How much was it. Was it on sale?
  9. i'm not sure. I didn't look at the price, but call south coast ysl; sa steve is really nice. :smile: