Anthracite in Boston area?

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  1. Anthracite had not been on my list of anticipated colors, but after seeing the photos and hearing about it, I'm very curious. I really don't want to risk getting it from Bal NY without seeing it first though. It seems as though it's one of those colors that refused to be captured accurately in photos.

    If anyone sees the color at a Boston area store, could you please let me know?

    Also, if there are any PFers in the area who have purchased an anthracite bag, please let me know if you would be willing to meet somewhere so I can check out the color.

  2. Hey CityChris -

    I'm in "Paree" at the moment, but I did manage to scour our *local* stores to see what they had ... no Anthracite anywhere. It wasn't on my "list" either, but after seeing the pics, I thought ... "ooooooh - I want to see this up close & personal!". If I remember correctly, the folks at Barneys told me that this color wasn't on their list (at least not in the Boston-area stores); you could always have them inquire as to whether or not the NY store is getting it and have them send it in so that you can take a look at it beforehand.

    There were only two Balenciaga bags at Louis Boston ... the Black Brief and White Brief. Don't know about Gretta Luxe ... I think "Zacorey" was there recently.
  3. Hi fellow Bostonians!!!:lol:

    I was at Barney's CH yesterday. Nothing really great there.:sad: I was disappointed that the had no new colors really. I did take a liking to the black fabric w/dark chocolate trim part time though and it had gorgeous silver reg. hardware. However~ I am definitely holding out for the violet!!!!

    The only exciting part of my time there was seeing the new aqua but they only had it in the coin purse.
  4. Okay ... what have I missed??!!?!? What Violet????? (and what Yellow)???
  5. [​IMG]


  6. CeeJay~ what do you think??????????????????????????????
  7. DAG-NABB-IT ... I'm at the hotel (in Paris) and the monitor color resolution is so bad that I can't see the colors that well (okay - my bleary eyes aren't helping either!!!). NUTS!!! I guess I will have to wait until I go into the office on Monday.

    If there is truly a Yellow ... I will be ALL OVER that!
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!the violet is sooooooo hot!!!:drool: they have it around Boston?
  9. Aaaahhhh ... now I see them (well - kinda)! Wow ... a Jaune bag with GH Silver Hardware ... "biatchin"!!
  10. ^^^^^^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. i just got back from Barney's at copley and no anthracite there. but by some strange bbag miracle a greige first was sitting on the table waiting for me and my mom bought it for my birthday! happy 23rd to meee!!!!!
  12. I think I may have seen that bag and initially thought it was greige but then they said it was new so I figured it was natural.

    Either way, happy birthday and congrats on a great present!

  13. Nope, Jaune is a F/W '07 color :yes: