Anthracite in a womans wardrobe

  1. So I think we can all agree that Anthracite is NOT what we expected but it IS a beautiful, sophisticated color!!!

    So now that we have seen it.... can someone answer a few questions......please :smile:

    Does it work well with denim?? Dark or light?

    Is it a color you can see yourself carrying in the summer?

    What is the ideal metal that goes with this color...silver, gold, bronze?

    TIA !! :heart:
  2. My anthracite bag will be here tomorrow, so I will know then for sure, but here are my thoughts:

    Denim - yes! light and dark
    Summer bag - yes!
    Metal - thinking silver....

    If I love it as much as I think I am going to, will probably get another style in anthracite.
  3. My Anthracite is alread here...and agree with luxelife !!!
  4. let's post some picsss. i'm eager to c :wlae:

    btw, congrats on ur new bags :smile:
  5. Jewel, I just ran around getting all the items and holding them up against my bag. LOL!

    Great against denim, both dark and light, but also khaki or white capris.

    I wear only silver, and it looks wonderful with that. But I can see gold AND bronze playing off nicely, too. I think you'll have options.

    And I will definitely carry it in the summer -- the blue/green tinge is quite bright, so it's a very vibrant dark color, not a dull neutral.
  6. Thanks for the info ladies!

    I want a color to play off of dark denim and silver jewelry...this is the "BBag" that is missing from my wardrobe right now. Something edgy. I think Anthracite will work.

    So...I spoke to Daphne and ordered my twiggy!!! I can't wait to get it!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. ^^^Oh, congrats! I've really be bowled over by this color, and I hope you will be too. And it's going to be fabulous in a Twiggy. Post when you get her!
  8. platinum and white gold too? :yahoo: