Anthracite Glitter VPs?

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  1. I was blog surfing the other day & came across someone who had written about there being anthracite glitter vps in the current/upcoming CL collection! They are basically like the glitter nps, except the heel is glittery too!:drool::faint:


    I love the nps, but I would die for a pair of these VPs as my next purchase, so I scoured the websites of Barneys, Saks, NM, Bergdorfs, etc & couldn't find these damn shoes ANYWHERE!! I was wondering if any of you ladies could help me out, have you seen them for sale anywhere & how much are they retailing for - these might just be my HG shoes! TIA
  2. I saw them at the Saks in Greenwich, Ct. They are still full price. HTH.
    Contact Lyold. He is super helpful.
  3. Can't help but they're lovely :heart:
  4. Ooh thank you I will definitely try calling tomorrow to see if they have in my size. I assumed they were full price, but are they selling for regular VP price or higher since they are glitter?
  5. Oooh, those are fun! :smile:
  6. They were 895 CAD when I last saw them
  7. They are at Saks in Boston too. Full price as well.
  8. I think they may be at NM stores also ... but I'm not 100% sure.
  9. Yes, I saw them at Saks in Atlanta. Price was $775 US.
  10. Thanks girls for all the sightings & store location info! I'm definitely going to make a few calls. Call me crazy - I'm wondering though if I should purchase now or wait till sale time around Dec (I think - correct me if I'm wrong) and see if I can snag them at a cheaper price.
  11. I think they're pre-fall or something.
  12. Call Holts or Davids. I've seen them at both stores.
  13. If you LOVE them, don't wait. You will regret it!
    I must be going crazy....I thought the price was good!:nuts:
  14. I saw them at NM a few weeks ago as well.
  15. I won't lie I thought so too, when I was told they were regular VP price, I thought glitter anthracite would be more $$$