Anthracite GH Work (pic) final purchase

  1. this season! I ended up selling my Anthracite RH Work and getting one with GH. I love the combo and I was pleased to see that it has the same smooshy leather as my previous bag....... I adore it. :love:

  2. Oh man, you are on a role with these new purchases!!!

    Congrats this one is beautiful.
  3. Your final purchase Cracker, please don't say it's true! You have wonderful taste, I love your new bag! You seriously have to do a new family pic now!
  4. wow. the color looks great with GH. love it. congrats!
  5. WOW! You have been so lucky to get so many great bags in such a short time! ENJOY!
  6. What a beauty! Congrats!

    Why last purchase
  7. Just for this season..........don't worry. I have plenty bags on my wishlist. I've got to save up for next season's silver GH and if anything pops up on eBay.:smile:
  8. OMG girlie look at that leather.:nuts: It looks just like the giant Black Work that i had gotten from NM. It is gorgeous. :drool: Congrats :woohoo: :party: and family pics please.:p
  9. Omg! I love this Anthracite, I think this is the best color I've seen so far. It's like a very deep graphite gray.

    Does your pic, in your opinion, reflect the true color of your anthracite?

    If yes, I am sooooo getting one.
  10. That is one gorgeous bag! The leather looks amazing!!! Enjoy!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous!! I am loving your Anthracite!!
  12. Woohoo, AnthraGH sistah! That bag is a STUNNER!!!! Congrats, that bag is awesome and you rock your collection like no other. :yahoo:
  13. that is one tdf bag there

    my keyboard is wet from drooling

    Well done

  14. Thank new mouse finally arrived. I've been trying to post the past few days without a mouse and using the handicap function........

    Okay, to answer your question......The photo is pretty accurate. The one thing I can say is that IRL, the GH makes it appear a shade or two lighter than with regular hardware. I've been trying to figure out what this color reminds me of and you hit the nail on the head, it looks like graphite pencil lead, especially with sheen on the leather.

    I think it's a great color for you and you're going to love the leather. Here's my RH anthrawork that I sold.......

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Cracker! It does look just as slouchy & smooshy as my Anthra RH Work!