Anthracite Embroidered Maggie!!!

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  1. Am I crazy or is the new embroidered maggie going to come in anthracite? I can 't seem to find the post now. When I called JAX they said it was only available in peach and eggshell.
  2. When I called JAX a week or so ago about the embroidered Maggie, I was told eggshell and anthracite---go figure!
  3. LOL..hmm ok!!
  4. Your right...I love you.:P It does come in anthracite now!!! They will take back order over the phone!!!
  5. when i called they said no eggshell,,,,lol
  6. Hmmmm, what style number do you have?
  7. The style number was 15026.
  8. thanks!!!
  9. yayyyy they have it in eggshell!!!!
  10. I have to laugh at how many calls JAX must be getting about the floral embroidered Maggie and Audrey....and how many different answers we all get about colors and quantity available
  11. yep!!!! I was just thinking that!!!!!:P
  12. Right I agree^^^ I called three different times. 1. No info, 2.two colors but wouldn't tell me and 3. finally got the right colors.
  13. I am trying to imagine what the anthracite will look like- I know it is a dark grey color- but I really like to see a picture before ordering something.
  14. Well I'm going sight unseen but I really hope it's metallic and not matte finish leather. I do believe it's pearlized. I am in love with the metallic anthracite color!!!
  15. Maybe it's similar to the anthracite Audrey or Claire with the chain strap that came out a while ago. Though probably not as pebbled.