Anthracite Day with GGH and Yellow Day with RH

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  1. I want to lay my hands on both of these- how much chance do I have of picking them up still in October or November? :sad:
  2. Lucy, I'm not sure but I would think it would be easier to find the Anthracite than the yellow somewhere. You sound like me in that I am always wondering if I can still get a certain bag in the month or two ahead. It is hard to grab them up when you first see them but if you don't they get away. :crybaby:
  3. I suspected they might :tdown:

    At the time when I saw them I was buying my sapphire Day and I couldn't get more than one bag :crybaby:The yellow Day has haunted me ever since I saw it, it was really bright and wonderful.
  4. Here's a brand new Yellow RH Day from ebay (seller is hgbags, also a tpf'r) very reputable. I've bought several things from her. It's at a great price, and you can also use the promo and save an extra 25% off!!! That would make it about $600 :nuts::nuts::nuts: super cheap. Here's the link: