Anthracite Day Giant hardware only?

  1. I remember a few months back someone responding to a thread of mine and mentioning that she believed the Anthracite Day only came in GH is that true?
  2. yes, the year that anthracite came out, the giant hardwares were only available in gold. no giant silver yet.
  3. Thanks! Was it even available in RH?
  4. I think it was available in RH too but those were always super rare for some reason. In fact, I don't ever remember seeing them on tPF but I do remember askin AR for one and they said they sold out long ago.

    I think.
  5. I may have been the one who mentioned it originally. Anthracite RH Days might exist, but Bal NY never got any in (in spite of having a waitlist for them) so the SA's thought none were made. They had been expecting them, too. Maybe some showed up at other stores, but I have never been able to find one and I've never seen a pic of one, so if they exist, they are rare. I still want one - i think it would be a perfect color for a Day. Wasn't there another color that just didn't show up in a particular style? French Blue First maybe?
  6. ^^^ the jaune first didn't exist :crybaby:
  7. I think I might've seen one this past Monday when I went to the NM in Short Hills. I wasn't sure if it was Anthracite since I've never seen one IRL, but I know it wasn't Black because there was a Black Bbag right next to it. It was a midnight Blue with GGH and TDF! :drool:
  8. There was an anthra day w RH on eBay a few weeks ago!
  9. I have an anthracite CITY with RH
  10. Thanks! I just called BalNY and an SA did confirm that it was released in classic (RH) but they are of course sold out. Now the hunt is on :yes:
  11. Wow, how did I not see the anthracite day on e-bay? That's one of my favorite searches! I can't find the listing in the completed searches - was it listed under a general color description other than anthracite? I'm dying to see a picture of this bag! Dying!

    I ended up with a Plomb Day with a decidedly blue-ish cast and it's beautiful, but I still dream about the Anthracite.
  12. The anthra RH day on eBay was listed by 123tellmethatyoulovememore from Canada but after looking at the pic alot it just didn't look like anthra, I was going to email her about it and didn't as I had just gotten one with GGH...then a few days later when the lvlady had the 05 magenta listed 123 made a bid which was declined and then it said she was no longer a registered user...she had bought my vert gazon city and just sold a new dolma city a couple of weeks ago...she had some really great bags...don't know why she disappeared...