Anthracite Croc

  1. Hi ladies, I need some help here. Has anyone seen this color IRL? And if so, is it really TDF?!?! Plus, does it have any brown tones to it? i'm only asking because i remember seeing the pic fr. Doyle's auction but that looked a bit "brownish". :hrmm:
    These freaken pictures, never 100% reliable! :noggin:And my local boutique does not have a sample of this fabled color. :sad:

    Btw, this would be as my option for an neutral "dark color" bag. Already have the "light color" ordered. :yahoo:

    So in the meantime, I'm trying to decide between this and cocoan. And btw, my wardrobe's all over the place: besides jeans, they're mostly earth tones, some plums, entirely too much green, etc. The only blacks I ever wear (aside from evening dresses) are my peacoat & shoes.

    Since it seems to take FOREVER for the bags to arrive, I might as well get it right. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I'm not sure either....I've seen many attractive pictures of it. It must shimmer/change color in different lighting.... the prettiest photo I saw of it was a medium grayish sheen with the subtlest lavender hue. It was on Naomi Campbell.... I think it was from the gettyimages site. Search on hermes or kelly.
  3. Hmmm, I think you may prefer Cocoan based on your wardrobe. Anthracite is strictly a cool tone and may not be the best with browns/tans. But Cocoan would match nearly everything?
  4. This is the bag in natural daylight. Is this anthracite? It would be fabulous on your plum colors.
    53204963-naomi2.jpg 53204995-naomi.jpg
  5. That looks lighter than another pic of anthracite I've seen but we all know what diff. lighting does to Hermes colors. It IS a stunner with palladium HW and would be gorgeous with plums. OOh, it really is tough to choose isn't it?
  6. the bag naomi is carrying look like dove grey to me
  7. LOve Naomi's kelly.
  8. That dove grey looks fantastic in croc. Nice sheen.
  9. Anthracite is supposed to be a dark gray, probably comparable to charcoal gray. Dove grey is lovely, too! I once saw an Asian lady with jet black hair carry a Dove grey Kelly 32 in Togo at the Paris flagship. She paired it with a Dove grey coat, wool trousers, and darker gray shoes. She was a vision!
  10. The anthracite in croc is called graphite...i have the cape code watchband in in is a slate color. Depending on the light is has either a very slight brownish cast or a very pale lilace-mauve cast to's very beautiful
  11. YES HL, I agree wih Luxury-Zurich, it is a beautifully understated color :love: I have a 35 cm croc birkin on order in this color . I'll make sure to post pics when it arrives!
  12. have the best collection!! Please post pics when it arrives!!
  13. crap!:Push: just when i was about to settle on cocoan, i see luxury-zurich & twigz's comment. :love: the description sounds sooo luxurious. i'm so confused...:wacko:

    twigz, be a dear... please post pics when your bag arrives. :shame:

    greentea, it's terribly tough... :sad:

    and rainrowan, i don't think that's anthracite. i've seen that color IRL and i don't think it's poudre either. but color is definitely quite lovely. :P

    oh well, back to the drawing board. thanks for all your help, ladies.:flowers:
  14. Hermes Lemming, Createursdeluxe have both an Anthracite croc Birkin and an Graphite croc one (the color looks the same to me..) you might want to check them out, the're in the auction section...:flowers:
  15. ok HL, sorry for the confusion! Good Luck with making your decision :flowers: