Anthracite City is here but not sure. Help!

  1. Hi Ladies:smile:
    I just got my Anthracite City today from BalNY and the leather is awsome:yahoo: but not so sure about the color yet. :s I also saw the Periwinkle today at NM and i really really like the color but the leather is veiny (all Periwinkles are veiny). :sad:
    Should i keep the Anthracite or go for another color? What other colors do you suggest? Marine part time with GH is on my list, what do you think?:p
    IMG_2256 (2).JPG IMG_2253 (2).JPG
  2. I personally don't care for Anthracite at all....but that is prob. because I like vivid colors on Bal bags. If you are not sure about the color, you should return it, and get other color. Leather may get better over times, but color won't change :smile::smile:
  3. Holy cow! I love it, but YOU must love it. It sounds like you don't. Maybe you could find a less veiny blue glacier?
  4. I think you should look at it for a few days... the leather looks awesome, and the color really is incredible. Take it outside, look at it in different lighting. Then decide.
  5. i love your anthracite, nanaz! you should try out your bbag for a few days. if you really like the periwinkle more, maybe request for a less veiny one to exchange at bny. btw, how would you describe the color of your bag? even though i'm sure i'm getting anthracite, i'm still trying to get a feel for the color.
  6. Hi Girlie, the color is nice but no "wow factor" for me (as Randy Jackson would say:p ). It is dark but in the light you see hint of Blue undertone to it. The Periwinkle is very pretty specially with the GH:drool: but unfortunately Sarah told me they all have veiny leather. :yucky: If you don't have a Black City i would say go for the Anthracite.:yes: I have 10 days to return or exchange.:sweatdrop: :cursing:
  7. were you planning to get the periwinkle w/ GH or RH? are they all veiny? will bny be getting a 2nd shipment of periwinkles...maybe that batch will not be so veiny.

    thanks for the anthracite report! :flowers: btw, did you also see a green undertone to the anthracite?
  8. Hey Nanaz,

    Your Anthracity looks just like mine! I wasn't sure at first, either, partially because I had imagined Anthracite to be very different from what it turned out to be. I have a feeling Lead in the Fall is going to be a dark, dark gray, like pencil lead. Then again, Anthracite was supposed to be dark, dark gray with a hint of green, and it's really dark gray with a hint of teal. I'm actually now considering it a dark blue.

    However, after looking at the color and then imagining what plain gray would look like, I started to really like Anthracite. It's an unusual color (I've never seen anything like it on any other bag on the street) and since I didn't have a dark bag in my collection OR a City, it was the perfect opportunity to fill those two gaps. And I figured if Lead really is a plain gunmetal gray, then maybe I'll buy one in the Fall (or maybe I won't).

    So I guess if you think you'd rather have Marine as your dark blue and Lead potentially as your gray, then make the exchange for the Marine!

    Remember, Balenciaga will eventually come out with the dark gray everyone wants...and that would look great in a Day bag, too.

    PS - Miss Olive says hello!
  9. Awww, hi Girlie.:heart: Haven't talked to you for a long time. So you got the Anthracite too? it is a unique color but i guess i was expecting little more (i don't know what). I really like the Periwinkle a lot:yes: but the leather is not so great. Did you get to see the Periwinkle at BalNY too? Were they all veiny?
    Say hi to Miss Olive for me too.:p
  10. I did see a couple of Periwinkles, and yes they all were veiny. Not wrinkly...the leather is pretty smooth if I remember correctly. But there was a lot of white marbleing. I think every photo we're seeing is pretty accurate on that.

    I do remember thinking it's a very pretty color...and if I were in the market for a white-washed blue-gray I would have gotten it.

    And I know what you mean about expecting a little more from Anthracite. I thought it would really jump out and grab me in an instant, and it's a lot more subtle than that. It's kind of a wallflower color -- it hangs back a bit, and you have to "get to know it" to start to like it.
  11. Wow, Nanaz! The leather looks so scrumptious! [​IMG]

    But it sounds like your heart is set on periwinkle. I feel for you, though. Periwinkle was one of the colors I was willing to break my ban for. :yes: But the news on the veiny/mottled leather that others have reported has kept me from calling in and ordering one. I would follow odd's advice, and wait to see if Bal NY gets another batch in with (hopefully) better leather.
    Good luck, and I hope you find a bag with a color and leather that you'll love!
  12. Nanz, I have to admit that after reading just your title to this thread, I was a bit worried because my anthracity from BalNY is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I was relieved to see that the color and leather look beautiful on this bag. I think that the color is very unique, but as always, if you ware lukewarm about the bag, then return it and wait for something really special to come along.

    I still want to say congrats on the bag - it looks great to me!! :yes:
  13. The marine is a very beautiful color and the ones I've seen so far had minimal/ no veins and was very smooth and thick! In certain lights could even pass for almost black! Perhaps you should get the marine instead...
  14. Not bit on the Anthracite look like a GH Marine PT kinda gal from your signature. I was on the waitlist for an Anthracite PT but I changed it to a blue glacier PT w/ RH..can't wait for that. Like highgloss said, wait for the lead in the fall:yes: :yes:
  15. I received my Anthracite twiggy yesterday and I had the same reaction.

    The color is soooo unusual to the point that you can't even describe it. I expected WOW but it really is a very subtle color.

    Almost a "dark, powder, blue". Mine has little to no green. It looks like a cross between navy and gray with teal in it. The leather is amazing and unbelievably perfect, thick and soft. It's very beautiful just different.

    My problem is finding things in my wardrobe that will compliment this color, not match because that would be impossible, but simply look nice with this color.

    It is a very hard color to work with unless you are wearing white, khaki or black. It doesn't even look good with denim in my opinion..and I held it up to every pair of jeans I have.

    I am going to try and make it a challenge and work with it because it is a very beautiful bag.