Anthracite: Can Someone Describe the Color

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  1. I need help deciding on a color. What does is the Anthracite color description?
  2. I don't know what the exact description is but a lot of the anthracite bags have slightly different tones. Or at least the ones I've seen have. Did you see the Anthracite club thread? When I bought my Anthra part-time some of the bags looked more blue, while the one I got looked more gray. My bf told me that my bag looked kind of green too. Its a cool color.
  3. Overall, it's a dark bag. Mine looks blue -- kind of a bright teal-gray. Others look more like a green-gray.

    It was billed by Bal as a dark gray with green undertones, but only a few actually seem to match that description...the teal-ish ones are definitely something else.

    Personally, I love the color because I've always wanted a blue bag, but not the big blues that Bal produces, or the light ones, either. This "blue" is absolutely perfect for me!
  4. the descriptions are pretty accurate. It's more a blue teal gray and it has some green undertones depending on lighting. Overall, it's a rather dull colour at first glance as the leather is the thick smooshy type..but the colour grows on you..
  5. I'm 3 years late, but I just compared the Anthracite bags at Holts today with Canard, Bleu roi and a Tempete city. I posted my comments earlier today, to my little eyes Anthracite is almost a true grey with green-teal undertones! Oh, it makes me want to run out to buy one :graucho:
  6. Sounds gorgeous!
  7. to me, Anthracite always looks like a botched black lol
  8. This is how I would describe my antra part time fall 2011 too. It has silver hardware so brings out more blue teal as opposed to having darker rose or gold hardware. Do love the leather which is thick and smooshy, not very veiny like other leathers, at least not mine. I will prob get a veiny one but wanted my first bal bag to be more smooth
  9. my part time 2010 Anthracite looks really green..but when i first got it, it looked grey more than green
  10. what I call a Chameleon color!:biggrin:. Depending on the color of my outfit, the various hues found in the Anthracite are amplified or subdued. The one thing that remains constant is my love for this bag!:yahoo:
  11. Can I pretty please have help on confirming the anthra color code? I'm not sure what color my gifted bal is! Lol but I Looove her to bits and pieces:smile:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370704511.927981.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370704529.452120.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370704603.968942.jpg

    And on a side note but of a tpf newbie: can I create/post new thread with my iPhone or iPad? I notice I can only find the reply function. Would love to share some reveals:smile:
  12. I have Day in Anthracite .. same as above .. looks like Charcoal Black
  13. Just to chip in, I love Anthracite! It's incredibly versatile. It's classified under the grey family, but it definitely has way more interesting undertones than a typical pure grey. I got mine for Christmas in 2011, and it shows up differently under different lights. While its consistently grey as a whole, occasionally it leans to a blue undertone while sometimes it comes across with a green-ish/teal feel. I hear it may differ according to the seasons cause the leather is different but I'm no expert (anyone out there who knows more please share, I'd love to know more about this unique colour!). While I've read some other threads before lamenting about the more green undertone and how some dislike it, to each his own, I guess. I personally love the chameleon nature of this colour. (:
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373065763.427283.jpg heres a picture of my city in anthracite grey:smile: