Anthracite and Charcoal Grey


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Sep 20, 2009
Would anyone please tell me about the colour of charcoal grey and Anthracite.. are they the same or different..

I want to purchase my first GH City or City in UK balenciaga website..Just keep think abou the colour of Storm or Anthracite..But UK website only got charcoal grey available.... Is that a past season colour..
Please help..:biggrin::P

Moreover.. Is GH really heavy.. I am a typical asian girl size.. Just worry may be a bit burden for my shoulder too....


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Aug 6, 2008
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They are the same :smile:. Storm, or Tempete is from last season, so if you wanted that color, your best choice would be to call around to a Balenciaga boutique or a department store that carries Balenciaga to see if they had any old stock still available. Anthracite has been available every season for the past few years, along with black and white. I have GH and regular hardware bags, and the GH bags are heavier. However, I don't think they are unreasonably heavy..I am 5'4", petite, and I can carry my GH bags all day. I would go try to go to a department store or boutique and try on the different hardwares to see what you prefer! Hope this helps :cool:


Mar 1, 2006
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Charcoal Grey is the same as Anthracite. Charcoal was an 08 color; Storm was an 09 color and is a lighter blue-grey, whereas Anthracite is dark grey with blue undertones.