Anthracite and Aqua Cities at BalNY!!!

  1. My SA at BalNY called me today and said the Anthracite and Aqua cities came in. I was on the waitlist and they're getting shipped out tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see them IRL.
  2. :drool: wow! Please post pics when they arrive! I would soooo love to see pics of both cities!
  3. :yahoo:can't wait to see photos of your new additions!
  4. yup...i got the call yesterday, and as i am away for a little mini get away, my anthracite city is at home waiting for me right now!! i can't wait to get home to open up the box!!
  5. oh yeah!!!! im just dying to see an aqua city
  6. Ladies - Did anyone receive theirs yesterday?? Pics! Pics!! :yes: