Anthra SGH vs Black GGH

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If you could only choose one, would you get an Anthra SGH ('08) or Black GGH ('09)?

  1. Anthra SGH

  2. Black GGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. When I purchased my Anthra SGH City, I loved the color from the rest of the choices b/c it was unique, but still neutral enough to wear with everything. And, the SGH made it pop. But lately, I've been seeing so many threads on black Bals (particularly with GGH). And, I remember when I saw someone carrying it (black GGH) at Bloomy's one day I couldn't take my eyes off it. So, knowing that GGH is being discontinued after this season (told to me by my Bal SA today), should I get a black GGH City or just be happy with Anthra for now?
  2. I reckon black with SGH is nicer or anything with SGH. GGH is so in your face. IMO.

    To each her own though
  3. Black with GGH ! Amazing combo!! :love:
  4. i voted for anthra sgh ,i prefer it, anthra is a beautiful colour;)
  5. I had a black '08 GGH Mid Day and the leather was so amazing, but I sold it because the blingy look of the GGH really started to wear on me after about 3 weeks.

    I have an anthracite '08 SGH Mid Day and '08 SGH Weekender that I absolutely adore and love to carry. The hardware pops but at the same time the silver and gray blend a little better and aren't so loud.

    I think I will stick to RH or CH for black if I get another.
  6. #6 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    I think black and silver look boring togther (this coming from a person who hates black bags so my opinion is biased) but black and gold is pretty darn awesome. I only own one black bag - a vintage Chanel classic flap - with shiny gold hardware. If I didn't own this I would definitely buy a GGH black PT! I just don't like black enough to have more than one in my collection.

    But anthra - don't get me started! Anthra to me is like those who can't have enough black bags. I can't get enough anthra! I have an 08 SGH city and am on the wait-list for an 09 SGH PT.

    It sounds like you plan to let your Anthra city go in order to fund black GGH but I think you should have both! They are two different looks.
  7. I am going to agree with roey. Got a sgh black flat clutch and it looks a bit boring. The ggh make the black pop. But i would definitely go for a gsh anthra. They look just terrific together.
  8. keep your anthra, if you only keep one

    It is so neutral, and such a great alternative to black. I don't think you will tire of it and it's a great staple. If you can afford both, then I'd do that!!
  9. Black GGH!!!:tup:
  10. We always want what we don't have.... Personally I have bought and sold several bags since my addiction started last oct2008...! If you can, could you buy the black ggh city, keep it for 1-2 weeks just to compare with your gsh anthra city? Then keep the one you prefer and sell/return the other one? It is hard to make a decision on a bag that you have never seen in person.
  11. Thanks guys! Hmmmm....I'm leaning toward keeping the Anthra now. I think I'll take it to the store and compare it side by side with the black ggh. I used to have a black cherry ggh and like juldoc I got tired of the blingy-ness after awhile. But, when I see someone else with a black ggh, I can't stop staring! Jeez, how can I be so indecisive on this one thing?

    anitos: You are SO right! You always think the grass is greener on the other side...but, it's usually not.
  12. I love both bags! I am waiting to get my 09 Anthra GSH city and want to also get a 09 black GGH city once they pop up in stores. I don't wear a lot of gold, so I am guessing I will wear the anthra gsh more.