anthra rggh pt or seigle rh pt?

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  1. I had to choose between these two colors too!

    I like the combination of Anthra and RGGH. Which color matches your woodrobe better?

    Good luck!
  2. The anthra any day!!
  3. Anthracite RGGH could go with any outfits. I'd choose this combo.
  4. I like the Siegle on you.
  5. I really like the seigle on you as well…. what about seigle RGGH? I love that combo!
  6. Anthra RGGH! Looks classy on you! But then again I'm probably biased because I have an anthra RGGH too :P
  7. Anthra looks great on you:smile:
  8. i find both colors looks good on me! :nuts:
  9. I think you should get the Seigle RH now, while it's still available & save for the Anthra RGGH for next year. I love both & both are so versatile.
  10. hands down, anthra rggh! looks great on you!
  11. i got the anthra rggh pt! love the leather and hardware!
  12. Congrats! MORE PICS! (Now I have to find a way to get that siegle! hehe)
  13. honestly both are so freakin amazing! but i choose Antra
  14. @louien, will post mod pic tonight!