Anthra Part Time or Plomb City? What would you do?


Anthracite Part Time or Plomb City?

  1. Anthracite Part Time

  2. Plomb City

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  1. I think my heading says it all. I'd rather have an Anthra City but that's about as likely as the second coming today. :push:

    So, Anthra Part-Time or Plomb City? Which would you choose? TIA!
  2. Why not an AnthraCity? Saks in Boca had one as of last Friday, they are still around!

    If you love the chameleon nature of the Anthracite, then the Plomb isn't going to be as lovely for you, and just may not satisfy you. So go with the Anthra Part Time, if you just want a dark grey and prefer the city, then go with the Plomb. It too is a great colour!

    I wish you well,

  3. isnt' that with the GH?
  4. Oh yes- I should mention that I do NOT want giant hardware. Either of these bags would be in RH.
  5. Well, short of finding your Anthracity, I'd definitely say go with the Plomb City! I loooove my Plomb City to death! It's a great go-to bag and the color is so easy to match! =)
  6. hMm... both colors are gorgeous.. I'd probably say Antra Part time. ONly if the part time style suits your needs. The color seems to be a BIG hit w/ most people on the forum.. and it's getting harder to locate. gOod luck with your decision!
  7. I am actually heading to Saks Boca today after 5 so I can check on the Antra City, RH and I will get back to you, probably before 7. I dunno if its at all possible, but if they have it should I have them hold it for you or are you still thinking about it?
  8. You are so sweet! Yes, if you're willing, please do have them hold it for me! I'm ready to buy! :tup:
  9. I'd also vote for Anthracite, in whatever you can find! I love the color. I got a plomb also while I was on my Anthracity quest, and it just didn't do it for me, since I wanted that teal undertone.
  10. Ok, I will definitely look for you. Do you want to pm me your email address? that way I can send you quick email as soon as I find out.
  11. I found it!!! Its the last one it won't be on hold for long I will PM you as soon as I get home with the info
  12. I have the Anthra Part Time and had the Plomb Day... I sold the Day, but I just couldn't let go of my Anthra Part Time. :smile: Here they are side by side...
  13. Hey there! Now I don't know what to do! Hesham (or something like that) says he found me one in Iowa (or something) and he's having it shipped to the Boca Raton store to then be sent to me. I gave him my credit card and everything. But it sounds like there is one there already?
  14. Can you call him back and find out? Let him know there is one there on hold for you already.
  15. Hey Jessica- thanks so much for your help! I did call him back, and he says he was standing right there while you were there! How funny, and what a small world the internet has made for us! He said right after you left, Rose called the person who had the bag on hold. Apparently that woman threatened to kill Rose if she sold it to someone else and said she would be right in to pick it up. :p

    However, Hesham did find me that one that he's having sent from Iowa or wherever so the important thing is that I'M GETTING MY ANTHRACITY!!!! :nuts:

    But I would never have found it without the help of you guys, so thanks again!:yahoo: