Anthra Envelope HELP!

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  2. thats prob the one i returned....i thought the edges looked too worn looking for a new bag. if you aren't happy w/it i'd say return and get what you really want!
  3. If you're only so-so about it, I would wait and spend a bit more and get something you totally would love.
  4. Don't buy it because it's a good deal. Get one you'll really love and can't wait to use.
  5. You should not keep it if you are not 100% satisfied with it. I have the Anthra GSH Envelope and I love it! Goes with everything. But that is me, you should get something else if you feel you bought it just because the price was right...
  6. thanks everyone! It's gorgeous but I'd end up just buying another one in a month if I keep it. I want to be happy with one! So I'm returning it. :biggrin: