Anthony sizes

  1. I'm thinking about getting a small/medium messenger bag for travel and running errands. After seeing all beautiful Anthony pics and reading about this bag, I'm liking it more and more. But which size is better - the regular Anthony or the Anthony messenger? Seems like there is a slight size difference, but otherwise, it looks the same. Has anyone tried both, and is there any other difference? Any opinions appreciated!

    From the Mulberry website:

    Anthony: 26.5x20.5x7 cm, £195
    Anthony Messenger: 29.5x27x8 cm, £295
  2. Pics:
    Anthony to the left, Anthony Messenger to the right
    mulberry-antony-postman-486676-38597_medium.jpg mulberry-antony-messenger-486678-38598_medium.jpg
  3. Personally for me at 5' 6'' I prefer the small Antony. The larger one felt too large for me and i found the strap more awkward to adjust. i also like the shape of the smaller one better- the large one is more square. Still a gorgeous bag though! if you can- try them both on!
  4. What size do you need/want? Do you need to carry a lot of stuff, or just wallet/phone/lipstick? The messenger is farely big, there's a big difference in size between the two.
    Is it possible for you to check them out IRL?
  5. Thanks for your input - I guess trying on both is the way to go - but I think the smaller one would be enough. Not looking to carry a lot, more like wallet & essentials + tickets etc when travelling, and having another bag as hand luggage. But I will try them out irl before deciding. I should probably wait until May anyway, and see if there might be any Anthonys at Bicester, or other nice messengers. :yes:
  6. I took flyvetjo's advice and bought the regular Antony, the smaller one. It is plenty, believe me. If you get the larger one, you are entering into a whole different hands free territory. It is bigger, and yet not big like a big messenger, so you are really inbetween. I can keep my wallet, mobile, pack of tissues, keys, makeup, notepad, pen in the small Antony. I am loving it!

    That said, I'm planning now to get a really BIG Mulberry messenger, like the Brynmore, to complement my collection, to use as a travel carry on.
  7. ^^^Thanks, TG, from what you say the smaller one would be just perfect - I'm surprised that it is that roomy, you can obviously fit a lot of stuff in it! For me, it's all about a small handsfree bag atm, if I wanted something bigger with room for books etc, I would go for the :heart: Brynmore :heart:! (Maybe a project for later, who knows...)
  8. I have the alfie TG an i regret it a bit as its too big, there are no pockets inside and it flops around a bit.

    off to work now and not use to it at all....
  9. Sorry to hear that eviemarie. Maybe you have to change the use of your Alfie, to more of a serious travel bag and not a day bag. When you use a large messenger for travel, you look very cool/neat when you board an airplane, because you're not juggling all sorts of parcels. You put your usual wallet, etc. in there, but also your paperback book or magazines, your earphones, your pillow, your pashmina, your snacks...and you look fabulous. When you get off the plane, you roll your suitcase and have your handsfree large messenger carrying all the odds and ends. You totally chic and carefree.

    When I travel, I always pack a small handsfree for day trips. Used to be my Gucci, now it is my Antony....

    Can you post a modeling pic of your Alfie?