Anthony Messenger - Do we love it?

  1. Hi Ladies! I'm contemplating an Anthony Messenger for handsfree moments, such as to slip into a suitcase for travel. Who has one, and, do you love it? Color? Worth the $$? How much can you fit in? Pros, cons? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I love mine! It's in choco darwin with a beige/sandy coloured strap. Comfy to wear and can fit my wallet phone, keys, thin packet of wipes for kids and a folded nappy!!! It's not particularly big but they have brought out a bigger version too if you need to carry more. Worth the money IMO. I wear mine messenger style only really as think it looks a bit silly on the shoulder with the wide webbing strap! If you wear alot of jeans I'd we wary of the oak as I imagine it could get colour transfer if it was rubbing on your leg. Hope this has helped. Will try and post modelling pic tomorrow if you want!
  3. Love it! This will be my next Mulberry (have an Oak Bayswater now), and I'm getting it in chocolate for Christmas :tup:
  4. It's gorgeous - I've got one in chocolate for hubby for his birthday in December (I take it out every so often for a sniff!) but it would be great for a woman, too. My only concern about it as an everyday bag is that I've heard the canvas straps aren't particularly hardwearing but they can be replaced (at around £50 though :wtf:).

    Here are the pics I took when it arrived:



    This is the old Antony (AW06/07) so it doesn't have the front pocket - I got it from the factory store last month.
  5. Thank you for sharing these pix. It looks different from what I thought. Maybe I'm confusing the Anthony with the Anthony Messenger?
  6. Ah, possibly. The Antony is £195, the Antony Messenger is £295 and much bigger.
  7. Ditab-Hi is it possible to buy the straps on there own??
    I have somerset hobo bag with short strap and would love this bag if only it had a longer strap, such as with the somerset satchel bag.
    when i asked if it was possible to buy longer strap I was told No.
    Would love to buy the longer mulberry webbed strap on its own,If you can help -would love to know :smile:
  8. So which do I want -- an Anthony? or an Anthony messenger? Please advise!
  9. OOps-sorry yes this is your thread :oh:
  10. Personally I'd go with the smaller antony as I think the proportions are better and to be honest i think the bigger one could be really heavy. i find heavy messenger bags uncomfortable on my shoulder. Will get dressed and do a modelling pic for you!
  11. tara the Antony strap is stitched onto the d-ring so wouldn't be any use to you. What you could try is the strap on the Seth as it is removable.
  12. me and my small Antony (I'm 5'6'' size UK12)

    img_0574 (2)small.jpg
  13. Many thanks-Looking good for first thing in the morning ..
  14. been up for ages with the kids!!!
  15. Tara - Jo is right. If the strap on the Antony needed replacing, I'd have to drop it off at the Mulberry repairs department, I wouldn't be able to do it myself.

    The Seth strap should be OK for you but you'll have to tell Mulberry you need a replacement strap for your Seth bag as they don't like you to change the original straps on bags as it alters the design :rolleyes: