Anthony Bourdains- NO RESERVATIONS

  1. love it or hate it??

    i love learning about cultures and def FOOD!!! its great!

    idk i have a strange array of shows i like

    CSI, Golden Girls, No Reservations, Taboo, Futurama, Family Guy, X-Files, Girls Next Door, Kimora Life in the FAB lane, HANNAH MONTANA!!! etc...
  2. This is one of our favorite shows! Mr Puff and I love us some TonyBee!
  3. [​IMG]

    I have a HUGE crush on Anthony Bourdain. Can he be any cooler? I'd do him in a heartbeat!!
  4. Love it! Not your typical "food travel" show at all, and his commentary usually cracks me up.
  5. i watch his show every monday if i get a chance to. anthony bourdain cracks me up.
  6. lovehim ! love the show!
  7. He is great! I just love the raw humor and take on food and culture on his show.
  8. I'm very happily married but if I was single ...!

    I feel this way about Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) too!
  9. Where is coldplaylover? :roflmfao:
  10. Love him! He cracked me up the other day. He was in Tahiti taking a tour of some of the ruins. He was taken to an area where there were huge Tiki god statues that had been used a very long time ago for rituals and ceremonies. They told him that the reason some of the Tiki gods were destroyed (some had their private parts cut off) was because when European missionaries came to convert the islanders, they were offended by these nude Tiki gods and so they destroyed them. What happened to the missionaries? They were cooked in big pots and eaten by the islanders who were also cannibals. LOL! He cracked up! And so did I! Hilarious! These missionaries also brought disease that wiped out over 90% of the native population of Tahiti. Bet they didn't taste so good.
  11. Love this show!!!
  12. I love it! My SO and I tivo it.
  13. I'm here Roo! So Anthony had a wonderful April, he became a father to a baby girl and married her Italian mother a few weeks later. Plus, he has 2 new books coming out this Fall which means tours :woohoo:!
  14. Love Anthony Bourdain's books and shows!!
  15. I'll be there! Hmm.. what should I wear, what bag should I bring.....