Anthony bag ?

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  1. Hello everybody,
    I am looking for some real time advice here. Let me first pre-face that I don’t own any Mulberry products, I’ve always considered them to be very well-made and I like the fact that they are under the radar. Most of my handbag collection is Hermès Evelyne GM gen 3 bags .I do own three of them in different colors and the reason I love the bag so much is because of the adjustable strap in the versatility.
    So lo and behold, I came across the Mulberry Anthony bag. I feel like it would be a perfect fit to add into my collection. Especially the oak color , it’s so beautiful. I wish the larger size came in more colors such as red but unfortunately it doesn’t but I do enjoy the oak color. So my question is to the people on this bag how does it work for you? I don’t know if any of you have an Evelyne and an Anthony bag to give me a good comparison side by side . But I will be honest from what I see online it does look really nice in it fit my lifestyle. So if anybody out there can give me some pros and cons and give me their honest feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Comparison photos for you - my GM Evie and large Antony. This Antony is one of the last of the previous model bag made in Natural Vegetable Tan (NVT) which in my opinion is much nicer than the current natural grain leather Mulberry are making the Antony bags in. Sadly NVT leather has been discontinued by Mulberry, I’m not sure any styles are made with NVT now. The most obvious difference between the two is the lockable flap, and the Antony strap is fixed to bag. The Antony is narrower, has less depth and no back pocket so it holds less than the Evie. Hope this helps.
    7D1D5BD6-0B02-4085-BA8B-A1BC9E70642C.jpeg 1D533383-5370-46AD-BBB9-FF7C1D9C8AEE.jpeg
  3. Thank you so much ! Your Antony strap is it as long as your Evelyne on it’s longer point ? I am noticing a difference on the preloved market . And is your Antony is small, regular , or messenger side.? Thank you
  4. The strap’s adjustable - it sold as a mans bag so I’m sure it would be long enough for you. This one is the large size. I think it only came in 2 sizes, large and small (regular). There are loads of them on the secondary market, but it’s widely faked, so be sure to get it authenticated if you go down that route. Authenticators on the Mulberry forum are very good :smile:
  5. Thank you so much !!
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